I had a streak of 11 days in March and 16 days in April in which I did not do any kind of activity, let alone get outside. 😦 I know it’s the quarantine… I’m still heading into work, feeling too tired when I return home from work to do anything productive, and the weather had been chilly, cloudy, or rainy, none of which helped me out the door. It’s perfectly okay in these times if you feel it’s best to stay in, whatever serves you best. I’ve always loved the time spent outside, especially in the sun.

Finally, on a beautiful sunny day I drove to a state park to walk around. The parking lot was crowded but the trails and bike pathways were spacious, that I felt safe [from the virus]. Getting outside in the sun did so much for me. The fair weather encouraged me get outside for a run the following day. No distance goal in mind, just get outside!

Next, I ordered a pair of running shoes from the local shop. I chose the option for free home-delivery. I didn’t quite know that one of the owners were dropping them off and sort of lingering by the front of the house as I dashed to answer the doorbell, haha. But I’m fine with having answered the door in my sweatpants and cat-hair-covered sweatshirt. What really made my day was the brief conversation we had through the glass of my front door. Just that minute and a half exchange about running and excitement for when (hopefully) group runs will resume.

Support your local running shop!

Then, I had to go for another run outdoors in my new shoes!! So fresh! So light! I had even ran a little further than I thought I was going to go. It was just… fun! I highly recommend a fresh pair of exercise shoes to get you moving…preferably from your local business.

Later that week, I went to another park and walked around outside, hiking some nature trails. It was enjoyable.

Michigan is finally having some great weather because on another day off I went again to the park. I even packed a picnic lunch for afterwards. It did take some driving around after the hike to find a secluded spot to eat my lunch.

Thankfully, I found a spot with no one around

By that point, when I was exiting the park, the park police were blocking entrances to discontinue additional people from entering the park. That was a smart move that I fully support because the park had become far too crowded in parking lots and picnic areas. And bathrooms are closed – you know people were eating and drinking…!

When I was 10 days into my outdoor activity streak, I decided I’m going to make it an effort to keep up for the rest of May. The outdoors is doing me good. I know we are all staying home, staying inside, but a little bit of fresh air, whether it be from a walk around the block, a one-mile run in a new pair of shoes, too-long of a run in an old pair of shoes, or a short-run-to-get-ice cream-that-was-definitely-not-long-enough-for-all-those-calories, this will do us some good. Whether you can run, walk, drive to a park in a neighborhood to walk, go around the block, or even just sit outside in the backyard with a good book, let’s do that. Let’s get outside for some fresh air.