This is me being a more nutritious runner.

Since my training is “starting from scratch” this year, yesterday’s five treadmill miles served as this week’s long run. And although I had a broiled hot dog and baked potato for dinner last night, tonight I made Carrot-Ginger soup for inflammation (& my mom’s cold).
It wasn’t until I was cutting up five pounds of carrots until I remembered I had made a similar version once before (Martha Stewart’s Ginger-Carrot soup). The key differences this time:

  • Way more flavor without needing to add additional salt and cheese
  • No heavy cream was used to thicken the soup
  • I got to use an immersion (stick) blender instead of hassling with a blender or magic bullet (what I used last time)

I have never been one to take Advil after a hard run or race- I save them for a headache when I really need it. Next time I’ll have to prep further in advance and have an anti-inflammatory meal ready to eat after my long run and not 24 hours later. I can’t wait to see how this can help recovery.

Run Fast. Eat Slow. (Page 116)