Last Friday, I was motivated and ready for a long run at the end of a hard week of work. I fueled with a chocolate Gu Energy Gel and went to the local park. It was 41°F and breezy but the rain was holding off. The one-mile loop was pretty empty and I felt great! My goal was 9 miles, I ran 10 miles, and I thought about one more but decided not to push it. All of my splits came easily between 9:14-9:29/mile, averaging 9:20 pace.

I got a cheese pizza on the way home as the rain started, had a hot bath, and then went out with friends to the local brewery & failed to get a guy’s number. My legs didn’t feel tired, no aches, and muscles weren’t sore. A shorter and slower two mile run Sunday morning and I met the week’s running goal of 21 miles.

But this week? I can’t get out the door. Monday I ran four miles on the treadmill so I could catch up on videos. Tuesday the pulled pork dinner smelled so good I couldn’t wait until after to eat it. I didn’t feel like running anyways and then an hour after dinner I changed to run on the treadmill but I couldn’t get started. I biked for 15 minutes instead. Today? Well, I had good intentions to run right after work (on the treadmill again because of the looming thunderstorm). I got started and maybe it was a “phantom” knee ache or the bacon being cooked for dinner but I couldn’t get past a half a mile.

I have a half-marathon coming up on the last Saturday of April. This will be my tenth half-marathon and the race was also my first half-marathon (Let’s Move in Mount Clemens). This year it looks like the course will be run in reverse! I don’t have a specific goal in mind but aiming for 1:55-ish. One day I’d like to run half-marathons around 1:45. I know better than to set out for this 5 minute PR in one race. I need to pick at it. I need to choose a half-marathon with a more realistic time goal, follow and stick to a training plan, and set smaller goals along the way. This will hopefully cure me of making my goal mileage one week and falling short by half the next week.