This past Wednesday, I drove up north to my aunt Ginnie’s house. I arrived just before eleven am. I went to the grocery store with my uncle and proceeded to make scones. Then I made stuffed shells for dinner. My uncle and I went for an evening walk. That night I made a quiche for breakfast the next day similarly to the quiche I made from my Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook. Everything was super delicious and I was incredibly glad I could provide some nice home cooked meals for them. They had plenty of leftovers, as well. I headed home the next morning – which felt far too soon.

This post comes at an appropriate time. I have created a team to support my aunt Ginnie and all others and their families who’ve been diagnosed with scleroderma, an autoimmune disease. I have been completely amazed by the support of family and friends. We have surpassed my first goal of $250. I have no choice but to double that being seven weeks away from the race. We will make it!

On June 4th, 2017, the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, MI is hosting Stampede Scleroderma 5k and a one mile run/walk. The funds go directly to the Scleroderma Foundation Michigan Chapter. The Scleroderma Foundation focuses on supporting patients, educating patients and professionals, research for treatments (and ultimately a cure), and advocacy. Similar to MS, scleroderma does not have a cure and symptoms are treated by specialists to give the diagnosed relief. The effects of scleroderma can vary from person to person but for systematic scleroderma; there may be stiff, painful joints, skin, dry mouth and dental, gastrointestinal, heart, kidney, and cosmetic problems, and/or lung damage.

Please consider registering for the 5k, and when signed up under Team Ginnie, it contributes to my fundraising goal. If you’re unsure about completing a 5k, feel free to message me for guidance and advice – everyone starts somewhere! There is also a one mile run/walk. After participating in the run/walk, you can enjoy free admission to the zoo for the rest of the day! Visit to register and learn more about this autoimmune disease.