About time for a second review of my monthly Runner Crate subscription!

In my March box, I received the custom Wiivv insoles. At the time of my first review, I hadn’t hadthe chance to try them while running. Since then I had taken them for a few short two-mile runs. They were just “ok”. They didn’t do much for me. Not the most interesting way to start this blog post but I really wonder how many people swear by insoles. Isn’t the expensive running shoe enough?

March’s box also had aloe gel. No need to use it in March but after the sunny Memorial Day weekend we had it has proved to give the “after sun relief” as expected. This gel feels more watery as your regular aloe gel but not quite as sticky as the green stuff. Probably cheaper to keep using the aloe gel that’s already in your medicine cabinet that may be long past the expiration date.

Surface Aloe Vera After Sun Gel

Still have not tried the energy gels in March’s box but now that mileage is picking up maybe I’ll get to it soon.

April’s Runner Crate

Remember how I loved the Bonk Breaker Energy Bars in April’s box? The peanut butter and jelly energy bar that tasted oh so good? They even have a mint chocolate chip energy bar. Unfortunately, it’s $30 for a twelve pack of bars. Gasp! And that is just too much money to spend on energy bars. I’m a little disappointed because I really did like them. It looks like they can be bought vitamin stores, though. I’ll have to see if they sell for cheaper in store.

Looks like some delicious flavors!
I’ll have to stick with making homemade energy bars for now…

You know how quinoa is the rage these days? April’s box had quinoa-floured cheese puffs. And gosh darn they were good. They remind me of the Cheetos! They, too, have great flavor options that I would love to try.

I Heart Keenwah
Almost like Cheetos. Almost.

A small bottle of coconut oil came with April’s box. Now everyone these days seems to have a fixation on coconut oil, too. But I got a problem with this sample. Coconut oil at a cool room temperature is a solid (below 75 degrees Fahrenheit). This bottle, however, is very much a liquid, even when it arrived in April’s cooler temperatures. Maybe it’s the scientist or pretend-cook in me that I know this is not pure coconut oil. But here’s what I don’t like: the product Caveman 100% Coconut MCT Oil implies that this is pure coconut oil for several reasons. One- the word “caveman” you think primitive, untouched, or natural. Two- “100%” you think pure or whole. At least they keep “MCT” (medium chain triglyceride) in the product name but I am willing to bet that the majority of consumers don’t realize that it means it goes through manufacturing steps and is in fact, not real coconut oil. From what I’ve learned when I looked further into it to confirm my suspicions, there’s not much reason to use this oil to cook with, as Runner Crate or this Caveman company suggests its use for. Personally, I have not used it yet and I would rather cook with real coconut oil that is a solid at room temperature. But…. coconut oil is a great makeup remover for all your waterproof makeup (ah, science!), so I’ll keep it around to take off my waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

not real coconut oil

Now for May’s Runner Crate! Lots of food goodies to try.

The Honey Stinger Waffles for starters. Awesome! Nothing like your Eggo waffles; these are snack-sized thin and chewy waffles. I tried them before a run and they were easily digested and I didn’t get hungry while running. There was randomly another one in my June box in which I ate yesterday before my four mile run. These are priced at about $24 for 16- slightly better than the energy bars. I also tried the Honey Stinger Limeade Chews. Again, nothing special unless you’re attracted to the organic ingredients used in manufacturing them.

The CoffeeBar tasted great compared to the one I tried today (keep reading). The banana chocolate bars were alright. I like how Runner Crate usually provides more than one sample. 

Banana Bar

I didn’t try the Skout Backcountry pumpkin seeds. I figured the jalapeno and black pepper flavors would be too much for me but my dad enjoyed them! May’s box also included Kinesiology Tape, a hand or belt water bottle, salt chews, and another kind of chew for cramps. I have yet to try these items.

I’m so pleased with June’s box and I haven’t even used all the items yet! 

I mean, there’s a pair of shorts!!! I’ll be trying them this weekend. This afternoon I tried this coffee/chocolate/coconut bar. It didn’t taste that great. But I felt great during my five mile run today in the 86 degree heat and ran it averaging 9:35 pace. 

Energizez Better than Coffee

Afterwards, I used one of the E-Fuel sampler packets to rehydrate. Maybe you’re supposed to use it during the workout. I rarely drink Gatorade as it is. It didn’t taste as sweet as Gatorade, which is a good thing, I suppose.

E-Fuel (after five sweaty miles)

All in all, I’ve had a great couple of workouts lately. I’ve decided to train for a 5k race this summer, instead of focusing on a half marathon all summer. This fall I’m also participating in a Ragnar Relay and I’m sure I’ll end up running at least one half marathon, too.