I just received September’s Runner Crate but before I open it, I wanted to share more of my thoughts on the products I received in the last few Runner Crates I bought.

By now I’ve taken several long runs in Fitspi Women’s FLO shorts. They are fun shorts that I’ve received many compliments on. The compression is not too tight and the length is perfect that they don’t ride up. And when you compare the price to Lululemon, it’s quite affordable. I’ve ran only short distance runs with my phone in the leg pocket and it wasn’t too annoying. I started following Fitspi on Instagram and I don’t really care for their account- all their pictures cater to sleek beach-goers doing handstands and flexing their muscles. What about the real people who are going to buy a pair and wear them at the track or in their city?

After one great long run in July I had the chance to use an Epic Wipe (before brunch!). Man, it is big. Refreshing scent and left no soapy residue on the skin. I wish I got a picture of it for you but did not. I was thinking about buying some before my Ragnar Relay this weekend but I don’t think the strangers also participating will mind the stink so much as people eating gourmet pancakes and sipping mimosas will be.

Epic Wipes


June’s crate also had Rise Buddy snacks. In my box was pizza and barbecue flavors. The pizza flavor tasted just like pizza Pringles but made with brown rice.

I also received three flavors of E-Fuel Powder. As reviewed before, these electrolytes drinks didn’t taste too sugary. I don’t use any sports drinks except for after a long workout when that little bit of sweetness tastes just right. I couldn’t pick a favorite flavor between Citrus Slam, Mountain Rush, and Tropical Blast.


My July crate had so many products!

Purel Pinole Grab and Go Cups. Gross! The first time I received Pinole “cereal” it was a stove-top version. And disgusting. I had slightly higher hopes for a microwave version, thinking it could better mimic oatmeal’s consistency- what I guessed it should be like. Nope. I gave it a try and could not even swallow one bite. If anyone has ate this before, let me know!

I got Hippeas (chick pea puffs)- except the flavors were Spicy Sriracha and Far Out Fajita. I stay away from spicy foods or ones with any heat/kick. Even some salsas are too much for me. I gave them to my dad and he finished them off so it was good enough for him!


In April’s box I received Wod (Workout of the day) Welder Odor Crushers, a three-pack of bean-bag like sacks to distribute peppermint and eucalyptus fragrances. I honestly can’t tell if it made a difference hanging in my closet. They’ve been out of their initial packaging for about four months and they still hold a scent.

Odor Crushers

I received a second product from Wod Welder in July’s crate: Wod Welder Hands as Rx Travel Cream. I enjoy the scent just as I do their Odor Crushers. It is sort of difficult to squeeze the cream out, that’s a complaint on the product packaging. It is non-greasy so you that you can still open Chapstick without washing your hands (tested by me). So that’s a win. But the website has it priced pretty high for the 1.7 oz cream. I can’t tell if it comes in a  three-pack as one of their images may imply.

image from wodwelder.com

In March I received Surface Aloe Vera After Sun Gel, which I reviewed in my second Runner Crate post. Now, in July’s box I got the Surface Active SPF 30 Lotion. I don’t use sunscreen as often as I should. Let’s just say sun-kissed skin makes me feel good! I like my Vitamin D! I did use this lotion though while floating on the lake one afternoon and I didn’t get sunburned. I didn’t use it while running so I can’t say if it was sweat-proof as it claims.

What’s perfect for a hot summer day: iced tea! I tried Caveman Coffee Nitro Cold Brew Tea- Hibiscus. Not bad but I don’t care for flower-y teas…

I think something Runner Crate needs to do is have an option to review each product. Unlike the subscription service BirchBox,  where I believe some of their samples are from new companies starting out,  products in Runner Crate seem to be around for awhile, like Honey Stinger. But I think it would be beneficial for any new companies to receive product reviews directly. I also don’t like how sometimes they give you multiple flavors of the same product and count it as three different items of the ten included in your box… Hello! I’m onto you!

That’s all I got for now. Off to my first Ragnar Relay!