I can’t only ever write about all the good things, now, can I? Well, I’ll admit I fell into a little “rut” right at the beginning of my official training plan. How can this be when I was so excited to get started?!

In January I had built up from 15-18 miles a week and I was going to yoga 2-3 times a week. The first two weeks of February were great, too. I worked to 20-23 miles. I was energized and going to yoga twice a week, biking 15 minutes-ish (it’s something), and adding iron strength workouts. All good stuff! Then after Valentine’s Day, I didn’t sleep well because I had a migraine all night (fasting the day before for Ash Wednesday) that left me nauseous in the morning. I took the next few days easy. (Basically, a week off from running). I felt that I didn’t have the energy to run- just tired.

The Hanson’s Marathon Method starts on a Wednesday so the day I felt ready and recovered to run again it was a rest day. I contemplated taking the day off or doing an easy run. Instead I went to yoga. (The good part is I kept up with yoga.) I ran the next day, no problem. And it figures the day after my Achilles’s felt a little tight. Whenever this happens I immediately take a rest day or two- two this time- until its completely A-OK again. That’s been my self-diagnosis and it’s worked. I ran that Sunday, it felt great, and I had an impressive weekly mileage of 8! Ha!

But now guess what! I’m back in full swing! During my first full week of training, on that Tuesday, it was a gorgeous 60 F! I met my friend with her bike at the metro park after work and it was beautiful! We went around the lake once for 6 miles. I warned her that I may bot be able to run as fast as we did last August when were going at 9:00 pace but maybe it was the sun or the hills that didn’t feel as bad or all the chit-chat but the six miles felt like a piece of cake at 8:50 pace (9:16, 8:45, 8:44, 8:50, 8:50, & 8:33)! It felt so good! I was shocked at not just the pace but that I wasn’t sore or tired the next day. My mileage that week was 21 miles, twice to yoga, and a short stationary bike ride. What’s different this week is I’m starting to add runs on Fridays and Sundays (those used to be regular rest days for me).

No filter! That’s the evening glow of the sun!

My second full week of training was last week. I stayed on track and got two bike rides in. I made my personal goal of 22 miles for the week and it didn’t feel like a challenge or pressure to get all the work in. On Saturday after my run I even stopped for another treat of cupcakes. They were delicious but regretfully I think I’ll have to pick up less next time since it’s just me eating them!

I’ll end up finishing this week (my third full week of training) with 25 miles for the week plus biking and yoga, twice each. The beginner training plan starts the first few weeks with comparatively low mileage (like 15 for the week). I wanted to work up gradually to 30 these first few weeks since that’s what I’m used to in late summer/fall running. The real work of the training plan starts in week 6 (the 5th full week) with 39 miles for the week. I didn’t want to jump from 24 miles the week before to 39 miles!

This past week I went to reserve a hotel room for the race and all rooms were booked at all of the surrounding hotels! I was getting nervous because with the start time at 6:30 am I wanted to be close. Then I searched  for bed and breakfasts- those don’t normally show up when you look for hotels! There’s a few in town and I thought about it for a day before I made the reservation. I am relieved I have a reservation and that it is only a few hundred feet from the start of the race!

As for my New Year’s resolution, I’ve been having a salad once a week still, usually on Sundays or Saturdays. I did not care for Panera’s Fuji Apple Salad but for the most part the salads have been alright, homemade and Dole mix. Still not at the point that I eat a salad more than once a week.