One of my goals for 2017 was to start eating nutritiously, like runners [should] do, to reap the benefits of said running and workouts to the fullest. Cheesy, I know, but I did minimize the amount of cheese I topped my dishes with this year. I wanted to cook or bake more, too, with the goal of something new once a week. This lasted until about June, but I did cook a bit more sporadically in the fall.

Both sweet potato recipes didn’t taste great, unfortunately
Zucchini pie is delicious!!!

Despite running more this year, and just a little bit faster, I not only maintained my weight, but I gained weight! I realize that many runners primarily get their start by wanting to lose weight. But people need to realize it is also hurtful to tell someone they’re “too skinny.” I’m not going to get into that now…

Gained a few healthy pounds

So look! Compared to last year running 497 miles in 2016 and finishing this year with 944 miles, I gained a good couple pounds. Sure, I’ll have the intention to cook and bake more, but I have new goal for 2018: eat a salad once a week. Now, you might scoff and think, “don’t you do that already? Pshhh, what an easy goal!” Well, no, I don’t eat salads nearly as often as you think. They never “fill me up” and they’re not my thing (cheese is my thing), so I just don’t eat them. But that’s the goal.

Looking back, 2016 felt like I was in a rut, not really improving any; I set goals but didn’t achieve them. Throughout 2017, I signed up for races just to keep me going. Even fun runs in February kept me on track and motivated to move. Although they weren’t anything spectacular, they’re reminders of how much you love to run.

My mom after the Paczki Run

This year, I hit the 5k goal I merely dreamed of 2016, 23:30(-ish) at Run for the Hills in August. This was my first time sub-25 in 7 years (basically since senior year in high school). I didn’t really have a 10k goal in mind, but I got a brand new PR at my 11th Big Bird 10k race, taking 3 minutes off of my average 10k time.

Janet and I at Big Bird

I even had my fastest half marathon in several years, too, even though I had poor luck when race conditions should have been cooler fall temps but instead were hot and humid. They were potentially PR-able races but that’s OK.

I can’t only put good-looking pictures of me on here…

I ran my first 100% trail half marathon and my first December race.

Janet finished ahead of me and she got a finishing picture

Even better, I met so many new running friends by attending Hanson’s Running Shop speedy Tuesdays in the spring, through the summer, and in the fall.

AND I ran in a Ragnar Relay with friends, old and new, creating new memories and having way more fun than I thought possible in three days along the west coast of Michigan.

I also fund-raised for a race for the first time, Stampede Scleroderma. I was completely taken aback by the support of friends and family who donated or came out to run/walk the event. Team Ginnie raised $570, more than doubling my original goal. My Aunt Ginnie has the autoimmune disease and she was overjoyed at how people came together.

Lastly, it was a great year to run with friends…

…and to have friends join the running community!


Bring on the new year!!!