Yesterday I ran the Paczki Run 5k in Hamtramck, Michigan. Five out of the last seven days the temperatures were in the 60s, absurdly warm for February. We were spoiled. Saturday morning was cold and windy. I layered in a long sleeve, running jacket, and a fleece. I really needed gloves or another layer. At the start of the race it was 40 degrees Fahrenheit and by the end the temperature had dropped at least three degrees. 

This year was the 5th annual run and hosted 2,100 some pre-registered participants. This was also probably my first time visiting Hamtramck. The first mile was expectedly crowded. The course wove down “mainstreet” (Joseph Campau Avenue) & residential streets. It was so frigid for me I kept my hood on for most of the way and didn’t feel that I had warmed up enough to feel my fingers until I finished the second mile. I also didn’t bother checking my watch for splits at all, instead trying to put forth consistent effort. 

I’m coming back from a busy fall racing schedule; I took pretty much all of November and December off to let my legs fully recover. I have been gradually building up my mileage consistently since the new year, attending yoga twice a week, and doing strengthening exercises before every run. What do they say about making something a habit by sticking with it for X amount of time? Well, I believe it’s true. With that my weekly mileage is up to about 16 miles/week. And despite the wind, I finished a minute faster than last month’s 5k and feel stronger already (9:29, 8:48, 8:31). 

After I finished I waited for my mom to come in so we could enjoy the goodies together. The paczkis were from New Martha Washington Bakery & New Palace Bakery. Delicious, of course!

Race organizers are so smart for passing out napkins, too!

This was also my mom’s first race in which they offered a post-run beer. She was so excited for it so we absolutely had to wait in the long line for beer provided by Motor City Brewing Works. 

Also cool: there were different colored shirts (flavors) depending on size! Mine was apricot and my mom had chocolate.  

It was a fun Saturday morning with my mom that we enjoyed together!