This week I cooked with fig. Since fresh fig isn’t in season, I used dried figs.

Before Sunday’s dinner, I assembled an easy appetizer from the Run Fast. Eat Slow. cookbook, Crostini with Chèvre, Fig, & Thyme. I hesitated knowing the last time I had goat cheese I really didn’t care for it. However, the snack was quite tasty despite the figs not being fresh and looking nothing like the picture. Honey also drizzled the baguettes for sweetness. The goat cheese was alright when combined with other flavors. 

Run Fast. Eat Slow. (Page 68)

Since I needed to use up the rest of the figs, I made the cookbook’s quiche, Fig & Pig. I love breakfast food and always am seeking out quiche. Fresh and homemade quiche is much better than being reheated from a restaurant. This was the first time I personally made homemade quiche. I even made my own crust. I bet people have no idea how easy it is to make your own crust. 

Also not the biggest fan of kale but since it was cooked with the bacon bits and onions I hardly noticed it. I used the rest of the chèvre in addition to the feta the recipe called for. And while it overflowed the crust it didn’t overflow the dish. 

Run Fast. Eat Slow. (Page 146)

I ran three treadmill miles while the quiche baked. Again the quiche looked nothing like the picture but it was a dinner success. And I had extra pieces to fuel my runs the next few days. I think I’ll have my last slice for breakfast tomorrow before the Paczki 5k…