I’ve actually never done a turkey trot race. How do you define it? A race on Thanksgiving morning? Any race on Thanksgiving weekend? If so, then maybe this weekend I finally did one: The Leftovers Trail Half Marathon.

I signed up on Monday night and the race was on Saturday. I had no intention of “racing” it and I assure you, I didn’t. I signed up to use it as really-long-training-run. I opted out of the shirt; they had ran out and I didn’t want to buy last years (at the race they had some no-shows so I could have still bought one but I passed). Last Saturday, I ran eight miles at the local track, partly so it would be easy on the legs and since I didn’t have anyone to bike alongside with me- it was also in the low-40s that morning… That run averaged 8:36 pace, which still surprises me. My long runs in July were around 9:30 pace. Normally, after my annual Big Bird 10k race I tend to hibernate from running. I can’t do that this year!

So after eating Thanksgiving leftovers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Friday, I had plenty of carbs to fuel my long run on Saturday.

I made sweet potato mash from the Run Fast Eat Slow cookbook for our dinner (used an old picture)

The race was held at Stony Creek Metropark. I know Stony to be hilly on the bike path around the lake; I expected that the trails would also be. They also were collecting canned goods and I remembered to bring some. After I got my bib and saw my friends, I stayed in my car for a little bit. It was lightly raining but I wore shorts and a long-sleeve shirt. The temp was in the high-40s. This turned out to be good choice. It did rain lightly about half-way through but I was okay without a hat and leggings.

The course was two loops and well-marked with bright pink flags. There were about a hundred runners and this was the second year this particular race was put on. The Move-It Fitness group actually has a lot of trail running events throughout the year! They had races on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. My friend Janet ran all three days!

Janet finished ahead of me and she got a finishing picture

It has been a long time since I’ve ran on trails, let alone a full race on trails (high school cross country, maybe?). The Great Turtle Trail Half on Mackinac Island was mostly paved so I can’t count that. I took it easy to watch my footing. The second loop of the course I came close to slipping and realized this was partly because I was getting tired. We talked to each other on the run and it was very friendly during and after.

Let’s not forget about the hills. Oh my goodness. I can’t say whether I’m more or less in shape than I was at the Brooksie Way Half with their rolling hills BUT these hills kicked my butt. They were steep and frequent. I think anyone who trains on trails and then moves to pavement must get awesome PRs because I’m as sore today as I am after an doing a glute-exercise video! I finished in 2:09:49.

Anyways, it was a challenging and long training run. But what am I training for? Nothing at the moment. Still looking around for a spring marathon. I think I will be able to pull off training in a Michigan winter now that I have made new running friends this year! Now that’s something I’m grateful for.

Janet and I

And so many more running friends not pictured here!!!

Jeff and I