Last week when I was updating my paper running logs, I noticed I was close to hitting 1,000 miles for the year. I am about 125 miles short. My first thought was, “aw yeah! I can go for that!” But then I thought better of it.

I gradually built up my mileage all year; September I peaked at 134 miles for the month. If I didn’t have a spring marathon on my mind then maybeeee I could push for it. The last two months have been nicer recovery months with less substance workouts. I know I’ll really appreciate the easier months once I start the next training cycle in January or February.

Then on Thursday, yeah, I just wasn’t feeling a run. Instead, I did the short ankle strength workout in the November issue of Runner’s World.

Runner’s World Magazine, November 2017

On Friday, while I was back on the stationary bike scrolling through Instagram, one of the posts I read was from @nycrunningmama, dedicating December to strength and core work in preparation of the spring. If you don’t follow her, you should. She is one amazing runner. She puts hard effort into her training but more importantly, keeps it real and doesn’t hesitate to put her family first. It was awesome following her journey to a big 2016 marathon PR. Heck, I was happy for her!

And I’m with her. December has now become my strength and core work month. I’ll keep running but will keep the mileage low.

And I don’t feel bad about missing the 1,000 mile mark. This year I was able to complete the Map My Run You VS the Year challenge, in which the goal is running 1,017 km for the 2017. I tried for it last year (the 2016 challenge was 1,000 km) but fell 200 km short. Even then when I knew I wasn’t going to make it, I knew it was also better for me to take the rest… and that paid off for a successful running year!

Off to do some core work! Join me!

Completed the You VS the Year Challenge!