It’s one of the last few days of October and the temperature finally dipped below 70 degrees… September averaged 79 degrees and October… 74 degrees Fahrenheit!!!

I think all Michigan runners are sick of it and want that cooler weather for fast race times. Unfortunately, my two big races, the Brooksie Way Half and the Detroit Free Press Half, had temps in the 70s when we were all hoping for the 50s. Most of the big races have passed but maybe we can still snag some new PRs at the smaller local races remaining in November.

What I wore for a cold Michigan morning run

This morning I went to the track to run 3.5 miles. I dressed in shorts, a long sleeve shirt, and a slightly thicker Nike 1/4 zip jacket, despite the fact it was 39 degrees out. I was planning on taking it easy but I warmed up faster when I started going a little harder. I had negative splits and the pace felt manageable!

Afterwards, I went to Tim Horton’s. The drive-thru lady saw I was wearing shorts and said, “Oh you must be so cold!”

I responded that I went for a run. “Ohhh,” she said.

“Well, I’ll admit it was a little cold. Next time I’ll wear pants!”

My rule of thumb for dressing right for running is to wear clothes as if it’s 20 degrees warmer out than it actually is.

I don’t like loose pants while running so I’ll choose leggings over sweatpants. I also don’t normally wear gloves; I’ll keep my hands tucked inside my sleeves. I’ve had a couple times that I regretted not bringing gloves, though. If it takes more than a mile to warmup and get my hands warm then I know I should have brought gloves. You can often see me running with my hood up and tied under my chin- not the most fashionable look, I’ve been told. Sometimes I use the headband meant to cover your ears to keep in front of my face so I’m not breathing as cold air nor being dragged by a scarf bouncing around.

  • 20s and below- leggings and multiple top layers
  • 30s- maybeeeee shorts and multiple layers
  • 40s- shorts and long sleeve shirt (see the half marathon race I did in this attire)
  • 50s- shorts and tshirt
  • 60s- shorts and tshirt or maybeeeee a tank top
  • 70s plus- shorts and tank top

This guide, of course, varies depending on the climate you’re used to, and if it’s rainy or windy. But I’d love to know what’s the coldest temperature you’ll go out running in shorts!!!!

Next Sunday I have a 5k race- the Hot Cider Hustle! I haven’t done this one yet but the race is at (and a similar layout to) my high school’s home course.