Before the New Year I registered for a 5k race in mid-January. Pro: use the promo code and sign up before the next price increase. Con: It’s Michigan – risk snow, ice, and/or frigid temperatures.

The day before the race we had 4-5 inches of snow. I went to mass in the afternoon and the roads weren’t any better than they were in the morning. Temperatures were expected to drop. That night I decided not to go to the race. Sure, I lost out on some money (I’m not quite sure if it was a charity race, though it’s a safe bet some of it goes to something good…).

When I got up in the morning the temperature was 7 degrees Fahrenheit. I’m not even sure what the wind-chill was. The last time I ran a race in December and it was snowy, it was near miserable as I slowly trudged in sharp snow cutting at your ankles and hobbling like a penguin in spots to avoid falling. I wasn’t about to be this girl here:

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From Funnyjunk

I didn’t want to slip and fall from snow or ice. The single-digit temp wasn’t helping. Nor the thought of iced over roads and a long drive made longer. Just wasn’t worth it for me.

Instead, I ran three and quarter easy-going miles on the treadmill watching the tidying show currently trending on Netflix. Then took a warm shower, drank some hot tea, and tracked a few friends running in their races while I crocheted.

One more row to sew in!

When I went out to the grocery store later, the roads were better, but still not great.

Dinner was from Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.

What races have you skipped? From injury? Weather deterred you?