Headlines that bother me and that I absolutely refuse to click on no matter how tempting it is start with “Here’s What Happened When  I …” And I don’t have it in me to start a blog post like that but I’m almost 5 weeks into the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak and it’s got me thinking and wanting to do another marathon. Is that what a run streak does to you? I started the holiday run streak just to keep me motivated in December or I could quite literally sit on the couch all evening and watch Netflix. Is it because I’ve been doing a little bit of running every day and not following any sort of training schedule? Or my social media running friends are starting to post about their excitement for the Boston Marathon? So I thought I would share about a few of the reasons why I was drawn to a spring/early summer marathon instead of an ever popular fall marathon.

  1. I knew my spring marathon wouldn’t be something very close to where I live (there are no spectacular spring marathons that I know of that are close to me). That meant a semi-destination race! Another runcation! Yes! Which meant learning about the area, what they’re known for, the best ice cream shops in town, the tastiest restaurants, an art show that weekend… And that’s all very exciting to plan for when it’s cold and snowing outside.
  2. It beats the winter blues. When it snowed or was too freezing to risk slipping on ice, I went to the basement to run on the treadmill and laughed at Parks and Recreation and The Good Place episodes as the miles went by. The exercise was one thing. But on other days I got outside and experienced a little bit of sunshine before most people were willing to wear shorts outside.
  3. Although my marathon was in late June, it was far enough north that it wouldn’t be too hot or steamy for the race. (I did get lucky because the weekend before temps had spiked to the 90s.) I also had less training days in the heat and high humidity. No August Saturday mornings waking up at 6am and running in 90% humidity to beat the rising sun. I did have my fair share of April (and May) showers but it prepared me for my race (which rained during the majority of).
  4. Since it was in early summer, I still had the rest of the summer for fun social activities with my friends. I like to do it all and not always put my training first but there were more evenings free without thinking about my run the next day.
  5. I was worried about getting speed and strength workouts in even when it was still snowy and frozen outside. I’m glad I chose a June race because by April and May when the real workouts started I was able to get off the treadmill for many of my runs. But you’re probably not as chicken as I am when it comes to the snow.

I have a busy springtime coming because my sister is getting married. 🙂 IF I ran a marathon in 2019 it’ll have to be fall or 2020. I recall running almost 17 miles and then getting ready super quick for a bachelorette party downtown – I didn’t even do my hair – no time – and my makeup got done as I was being driven. So we’ll see.

What is your favorite season to commit to any training plan for a race? What is your favorite season to race? I love the cooler fall temps for PRs (if you’re lucky) but you can’t discount the spring racing season.