Soon after the Big Bird 10k race last month, I took 8 days off from running. I did not do any at-home strength work. I also didn’t make time for yoga. Physically and mentally, I needed the break. I needed not to have to go for a run or get another workout in, even if it was only a few minutes’ worth. I needed to get home from work and put my feet up on the couch. I relished in those rest days.

Seeing my training log I used for the Indy Monumental Half sure makes me feel like I didn’t do much except for the essentials.

To get me moving again, I decided to participate in the holiday run streak from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. I’ve completed the challenge in 2012 and 2013. Just one mile a day, I encouraged family and friends on Thanksgiving to join me. I’d even count going for a one mile walk- it’s something.

I’m about two weeks into it and, surprisingly, not all of my runs have been at a maximum of one mile. Last Saturday I even went to the track for five miles and tossed 9x200m hard in there to speed the run along (HA HA).

This past week I felt I had time to make a nutritious dinner before a holiday house tour (a quiche and vegetable pasta salad from, you guessed it, Run Fast. Eat Slow. and Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.). It certainly felt like 10pm when I got home and I was going to get ready for bed but I remembered- gotta get my run in!

Friday was my (pharma) company Christmas party. I wore my chemist-tree sweatshirt – what a hit! And even after I was feasting and drinking merrily, when I got home I was tired, but still hopped on the treadmill for one mile, even though it was 10pm.


What are you doing to keep you moving through December?