Barriers are there in a race to protect the runners – from cars, from people not paying attention, from spectators leaning too far onto the course to see… Everyone has their own opinion when it comes to the NYC marathon proposal. I’ve been thinking of a few things to be considered! More important things than a finishing time or PR…

Firstly, if anyone jumped the barrier in a race and headed towards runners on the course, I’d be worried for my safety and other runners’ safety. Whether they crossed to intentionally do harm or to get to the other side of the street, there’s a chance they could trip someone or someone could easily pull a muscle by jerking to the side to avoid someone.

A second thought is a little bit selfishness. Running (or walking) a marathon is an incredible accomplishment. Maybe the guy was a super supportive boyfriend and biked alongside her during training and cooked nutritious dinners and really understood when she fell asleep on the couch at 8 pm. I don’t know. Becoming engaged to be married is a life-changing event. But so is training for a marathon. And if he did all that, I would guess he would save his proposal for another day, letting this race be all about her.

And some people are mad because he made the moment about him. Feminism and all.

I have to admit, I think my favorite was:

“I wonder what dude would’ve done if he was in the middle of a huge work presentation that he was working on for months and then, midway through, she interrupts with a proposal.”

Here’s another nice summary. In short: let the moment she finishes a marathon be all for her. It’s an amazing moment in time.

Third, and lastly, there are too many endorphins while running that can alter your decision making ability. Some people become confused for a short period after running and exercise. Finishing my marathon was euphoric.


Two things about the above picture. 1- It’s a look of shock and being completely overwhelmed, as if running the marathon she trained for months for is not enough to be interrupted with something else she’s been waiting on. 2- She still has 10 miles left!!!

On a side note, I have witnessed engagements following Labor Day bridge walks, 5ks, and half marathons. All were special; they were clearly welcomed and happy, she said, “yes!” 🙂

I just think crossing the barrier during an important race (not just some 5k she signed up for on a whim) is not a good time to do it. What do you think?