I heard of the Flapjack 5k about a month before the race (probably some sponsored Facebook post). Although there isn’t much of a race website, I found out that there are homemade finisher medals and a pancake breakfast- I was in. The race itself was well organized; it had been put on for years but they recently changed the name. The race was on Sunday, June 2nd. There was a breeze in the air and the sun was just warm enough so the wind didn’t chill us too much. I got my shirt and bib number quick and on my way out of the gym I ran into Janet. I mean, I knew she was coming, too! We ran together a few days earlier after work. It was 82 degrees F at the time but I was not ready for the heat at all!

At this point in the summer, I’ve only done three serious speed workouts with the group. I know running a speed workout the week of the race would be of no benefit to my race; I went anyways to get a good run in and for the social aspect. I didn’t have the energy for the 3×1 miles but I did them anyways (7:25, 7:55, and 7:52 average pace when my goal was 7:10-7:20/mile).

The Flapjack 5k was very family friendly – which is great! I knew the race would start fast with all the kids. And it did! My first mile was 7:19! I didn’t want to get caught up in the quick start but it happened anyways. Soon after that I just wanted to finish with a hard effort. I knew not to expect any speedy times. I haven’t been putting the work in!

The 5k was in a nice residential area. They need a few years for all the trees to grow big for shady streets! One resident was out in her yard and yelled, “girl power!” when I went by. I didn’t think anything special of it but still smiled back. Turns out I was 5th female (of 103)! I also finished 22nd overall (of 198 runners).

But other than that, it was a tiring 5k and when I finished, Janet was at the end. The homemade pancake medals were sweet!

Of course we got a second helping of pancakes!

The next day I got to run with Emily on her bike!

Featuring the race t-shirt!

I finished in 24:54 (averaged 8:01 pace). I ran just because I wanted to do another race, not for a new record, ate pancakes, and received syrup for placing 2nd in my age group of 6. Running really brings us some great days.