I’ve been running; just not much time to write. (And I despise the “glorification of being busy” but I am taking a few minutes now.) Last month I ran the Ragnar Trail Relay – Michigan. I really want to thoroughly write about all the sandy hills and sore muscles we had but in my spare time I have been trying to get out the GRE prep book. To give a quality blog post, that’s going to have to wait.

In the meantime, I’ve been attending my group speedwork on Tuesdays. That has been the most consistent run over the last several weeks. I don’t think I’ve hit any goal paces since the beginning of May. It is discouraging – I’ll admit. But I recognize that I haven’t been eating very well. June was a crazy month and I ate out a bit more (my budget reflected that, too). Of course when I eat out I’m not picking the most nutritious meals… I haven’t stuck with my resolution to cook a new recipe each week. I’ve been staying up too late considering the time I start work in the morning. And there’s probably more…

a little dusty from Tuesday’s speedwork

I have too good of a job to complain about work. I did have days I had to stay late; it’s not often, thankfully, but when I get home it’s really hard at that point to get out the door for a run. I sit on the couch for a few hours. After a few tiring days this week, I took some time for myself after work. I went to the zoo to renew my membership and later hit some golf balls. It was really nice! I should have took a few hours to study for the GRE…

Last weekend I drafted a training plan. My goal 5k race for the year will be in early September. I sure hope to hit my goal time of 22 min (or sub!). Right now it does not seem likely but as of 4 days ago I started to take it seriously. I made time for breakfast at home two days this week. Three days if you count the leftover cake I had. I’ll be trying to get myself to a hill every other week, add on some accelerations (strides), get in some long runs… Not long after the 5k race is my favorite half-marathon. Again, doesn’t seem likely to perform well. I think it’s too late to commit to a fall full marathon but I am keeping a lookout for a fall half-marathon runcation to use as a goal-race.

So what’s going on with you?

cake for breakfast