I had a lot of trouble coming up with goals for this calendar year. And I’m having trouble accomplishing any of them. That has been just fine for me. The Detroit Zoo’s Run Wild 5k this year was going to be my 5k goal race. I realized pretty quick in July when I wasn’t making time for myself to get out to run [I have been focused on studying for the GRE], that this was not going to be the race. Nor the next one in September, maybe not even this year. This was even clearer to me when my mileage for July was about 70 and with back-to-back vacations in August [post-GRE], I had a very relaxing 42 miles for the month. Those vacations were lovely. But I was not about to be running in Key West heat and humidity. Just standing still on the sidewalk and you’re sweating.

But back to running! I signed up for this race, knowing I am not going to “race” it. And I ran it for fun and did not look at my watch except when it buzzed for the mile markers. I managed negative splits (8:29, 8:10, and 8:01). I used the word managed, ironically, because I have not been putting the work in, any work, so it’s shocking the splits were what they were. I ran it comfortably. I finished at 25:45, three minutes slower than last year. The temperature both years were the same chilly high 50s morning. Another difference from last year was that that week ended in 35 miles, this one ended in 18. It’s just not going to be a year of running triumphs and that is okay with me!

I invited my friend to participate in it, as well, as a return to the running sport. We were able to walk a little bit around the zoo afterwards and eat the post-race food together. I really enjoy meeting up with friends at races, whether its planned or by chance.

Post-race with my friend Rachael 🙂


And there’s really not much more to say about the race. It’s nice just to be among other runners, not worrying about fuel, or parking, or having to rush out after. 🙂 PS- these are my only pictures from the race and I think the race t-shirt must be in the wash because I cannot find it. Oh well!