On a whim, I asked my sister, Carolyn, if she wanted to run a 5k. In January. Just 2.5 weeks away. She said, “Sure. Why not?” So I signed us up before the price increased in a couple of hours. 

Since the family got a new treadmill this past Thanksgiving, Carolyn’s started with 20 minutes and gradually worked her way up to 30 minutes, at least twice a week. She even ran for 40 minutes one day because she got lost in the Netflix episode. 

I sketched a training plan – aka guidance- keeping it real simple & taking into account her fencing lessons, night class, and date nights. If only I could have someone to keep me accountable for my training! The best advice I could give her before the race: don’t start off too fast admist the crowd of runners; don’t trick yourself in the beginning, start slow. 

This was not technically her first 5k. But this is one- her first 5k “with me”, two- she claims she enjoyed it, and three- she ran the entire way!

 Was I sure I would be able to run the whole way? No. But I did it anyways. 

Given more time, Carolyn has agreed to participate in another 5k. Best of all: I am SO EXCITED she’s entering the welcoming running community!